In the world of home renovations, few projects hold as much promise as transforming a kitchen.

At Tekton Builders, we had the privilege of teaming up with Kate from Design Suite to breathe new life into a Pukehina beach house with a stunning open-plan coastal kitchen. What emerged was not just a functional space but a sanctuary of light, warmth, and coastal charm, perfect for entertaining and everyday living.

Our approach was straightforward yet meticulous. We aimed to harmonise the kitchen with its coastal surroundings while prioritising practicality. Leveraging Kate’s expertise and our unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship, we set our plan into motion.

Our design concept centred on cultivating a serene coastal ambiance within the kitchen. Soft pastel tones and refined shaker-style cabinets established the desired aesthetic, complemented by warm natural wood finishes. To maximise natural light and forge a seamless indoor-outdoor connection, we incorporated large windows throughout the space.

However, our focus extended beyond aesthetics alone. We sought to elevate the kitchen as the focal point of the home, conducive to gatherings and entertaining. This led us to reconfigure the layout, including the removal of certain walls to create an open-plan design, thereby enhancing both functionality and flow.

The end result? A tranquil coastal kitchen exuding timeless sophistication. From the meticulously chosen Dezignatek Lana Grey cabinets to the durable Trendstone Neve stone benchtop, every element was selected with care to ensure a balance of comfort and elegance.

At Tekton Builders, we take pride in transforming our clients’ aspirations into reality. Through our collaboration with Kate, we delivered more than just a functional kitchen; we created a coastal retreat that embodies both practicality and style, enriching the homeowners’ daily lives.