At Tekton Builders, we revel in the opportunity to build new homes that defy nature’s toughest challenges. One of our new home builds in Pukehina stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and resilience in high-wind zones. Here’s a glimpse into the technical expertise behind this coastal marvel.

Pukehina is an exposed coastal settlement with little protection from relentless coastal winds. The Tekton Builders team chose to use RAB board, a solid fibre cement pre-cladding renowned for its structural integrity and weather-resistant properties. RAB board material not only shields the home from the elements but also serves as a robust barrier against moisture and corrosion.

To achieve a harmonious blend of aesthetics and durability, we opted for shiplapped heat-treated pine for the cladding. This strategic choice not only echoes the timeless allure of cedar but also boasts enhanced resilience, fortified to withstand the relentless onslaught of coastal weather.

The wind is not the only element that makes building new coastal homes tricky, unstable sandy foundations demanded meticulous precision. Our solution? Pile foundations, meticulously formed up to resist the tendency for sand to shift and settle. This ensures unparalleled stability, providing a rock-solid foundation for the home to stand tall against all the coast throws at it.

Building Framing

On the coast there is always a relentless battle against corrosion, stainless steel emerged as our ally of choice. Every exposed fixing and bracket was meticulously crafted from this corrosion-resistant alloy, ensuring longevity and structural integrity even in the face of nature’s harshest blows.

At Tekton Builders, we don’t just build homes; we engineer havens of resilience and tranquility. With an unwavering commitment to technological innovation and meticulous craftsmanship, we transform challenges into opportunities to create homes that defy the elements.

If you’re seeking to build in a high-wind zone, entrust your vision to Tekton Builders, where every detail is engineered for enduring excellence.